Here we go, again…

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know…

I am notoriously known for starting blogs, getting super excited about them for a while, and then letting them simmer on the back burner for wayyyy too long.  But trust me, I know what I’m doing!  Why don’t you try working 7 days a week, planning a wedding, starting a marriage, traveling the world, taking classes and then making time to write some well thought out words into a blog… ok wait, all that stuff is awesome.

All jokes aside… I have a new, NEW adventure cooking up in the pot and I am just a little bit over-the-moon about it.  To be honest, this new venture may not come off as very “exciting” to a lot of you initially.  I mean when you compare it to other things I have done like being a singing pirate or juggling flaming balls of fire it might come off as quite tame, in fact.  But I promise you… this is going to be big.

Ok, I’ll just go ahead and explain it now.

Starting literally today, I will be attending a Coding and Web Development school called Tech Talent South.  This school has a location in Raleigh, but also has sites all over the Southeast!  They offer a wide variety of classes that teach you anything and everything you could want to know about coding, web development, mobile app development, business startups, and you name it!  I caught wind of this concept through my good buddy Brandon Matthews (you might remember him from the Roll With Us Blog, which we need to continue…ayiyi). Thanks B!

So basically this blog will serve to document the progress that I will make as I begin learning, building and developing on my own. It is called “Code / Words” because that’s what I’m doing… I’m learning code, and translating what I’ve learned into words for us all to understand! I encourage any of you guys out there to follow the blog and strive to understand where I am heading with all of this! Like I said, I promise this is going to be something big with patience, time and effort.

The 4-week course beginning today is called UX which translates to “User Experience” which summarizes like so: “‘User experience’ encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.”

I truly look forward to keeping up with this blog and showing you where my ideas and thoughts translate into the world of technology… to the Future!




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